Welcome to One Man's War!

Looking for a fast-paced World War Two FPS? Look no further!

"One Man's War" is a fun indie game developed to fill the need for a fast-paced FPS World War Two Shoot-em-up!

No loot boxes! No In-App Purchases!

Just a simple intuitive UI, a series of maps from France to India, and a whole lot of fighting, using pistols, rifles, machine guns and rocket propelled grenades!

You're a Special Forces soldier for the British Empire. Have you got what it takes to take down Nazi Germany for King and Country?

Not sure how to play? Not a problem! Just visit the Tutorial Training mission until you feel like you have a feel for the controls and are ready to go shoot up a storm!


=Game Credits=

Concept, Design, Programming: Matthew Williamson

Voice Acting: Joshua Stanley-Cooper

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Contact us at: [email protected]